Life is short, drink good tea X Gardner Street

I’ve never been a coffee person.
There I’ve said it.
I never could, strum a guitar or develop a liking for coffee. It was always tea for me.
The only concession I made, was evolving from good old ‘adrak chai’ (which I still prefer to start my day with), to the healthier and lighter green tea.

When Gardner Street dropped through my door, it had a lot to live up to. The benchmark on this blend is high – I’ve tried many, and only a select few make it into my treasured tea store.

Upon opening, it has that classic, earthy, almost toasted aroma. The sign of a good green tea.
I steep the whole leaves (or their silken teabags to get the same superior taste without the hassle) and the fragrance mellows but still lingers, leaving a lovely, mouth-watering toasty aroma in the air.

I take my first sip, and I know instantly, this is one tea I shall be consuming regularly! Malty, comforting, a very bold green tea with flavours that linger in your mouth for a long while after taking a sip.

They say a cup of tea can make anything better. And this one certainly does just that – the liquid equivalent of comfort food, and something I would love to wake up to in a Morning accompanying a nice slice of toast and jam! Delicious.

The beauty of these blends, is that not only are they refreshing and delicious to sip on, but they also come with a host of benefits. Take for example, Gardner Street Whole-leaf Green Tea with Hibiscus and Marigold (GLOW) Each of these three components come with their own set of properties, each individually and all collectively being good for you. Green Tea has been written much about, especially its antioxidant nature and the cholesterol-lowering poly-phenols. Hibiscus is known for having a number of medical uses in Chinese herbology. And marigold contain lots of Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant helping to prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, and strokes. Marigold flower tea also helps get rid of free radicals thus slowing the ageing process.

It is a great time for tea enthusiasts. Whether you love experimenting with flavours or like to stick to traditional blends, there is something available for everyone. And while my mother is pleased at all the health benefits that come with these new blends, the tea-lover in me is ecstatic to have so many flavours to choose from.

You can choose yours from

& don’t forget to use the promo code NEWME10to get a flat 10% off on all the products across all categories. Valid till 8th February’17 only.

PS- highly recommend Moroccan mint and Glow




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