Better SORE Than Sorry

img_8499Exercise is incredibly beneficial for your integumentary (skin) system, it increases circulation, boosting oxygen and nutrients delivery to your skin. To get the biggest beauty boost from your workout you need to follow these 5 pre & post workout skin care routine that we have put down for you to prevent your skin from rebelling against your fitness plan.

Pre- workout
1. Bare is Best
You don’t want to look ridiculous with runny foundation and leave smudges on your equipment. Arrive bare face at gym and get ready to sweat to get the glow that feels more natural, better than your bronzer.

2. Slather your moisturizer / body oils
When you work out, your pores open naturally to expel sweat so what you apply on your skin before [a workout] is key to healthy skin as you lose so much water (by evaporation) out of the skin, leaving the skin dehydrated.
Also, this method of using moisturizer or body oil before workout helps skin to stay firm which we all need in certain areas of our body.

* acne prone skin you can keep this step post workout  because the heat and friction that occur during your gym session may spike irritation and provoke breakouts.

3. For the hygiene
Avoid laying your towel on any surfaces your skin might come into contact with. Many have used the gym equipment before you, which means you could break out badly if you do not follow these rules.
Also you don’t want others sweat touching your body right? Sounds nasty but true when your skin is exposed.

Post workout
4. Change your clothes, STAT!
How many times have you ended up spending hours running errands in your gym clothes after a workout? This contributes to breakouts by keeping sweat and bacteria close to your skin.
Keep skin clear by changing out of sweaty workout clothes and showering within a half-hour of finishing your workout.

5. Cold, cold water for you ( yes, it’s my favorite JB song)
Cleanse your body post workout with cool water( not cold ) as the lower temperature can cool your skin, of course, but it can help close your pores, which dilate to help release sweat. Remember to apply a moisturizer after your bath, while the skin is still damp.

Thank you,
Sonal & Resh


6 thoughts on “Better SORE Than Sorry

  1. Great post! Changing your clothes after a work out is a great point! Nobody wants to walk around with sweat and bacteria trapped in their clothes.

    Love your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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